Demystifying AI Language Models: An Introduction to GPT, LLMs, and Other Key Terms in Natural Language Processing

This course will provide an introduction to AI language models, with a focus on two of the most powerful and widely-used models in the field: GPT and LLMs. Students will gain an understanding of the underlying technology behind these models, how they are trained and used, and their potential applications in natural language processing. The course will also cover other key terms and concepts in the field of AI language models, providing a comprehensive overview of the field and its potential applications.

Course Overview:

Module 1: Introduction to AI Language Models

  • Overview of natural language processing and its applications
  • Explanation of key terms and concepts, including GPT and LLMs
  • Discussion of the potential applications of AI language models

Module 2: Understanding GPT

  • Overview of the GPT architecture and its training process
  • Discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of the model
  • Examples of how GPT is used in natural language processing applications

Module 3: Introduction to LLMs

  • Overview of LLMs and how they differ from other language models
  • Explanation of the training process for LLMs
  • Examples of how LLMs are used in natural language processing applications

Module 4: Advanced Topics in AI Language Models

  • Optimization techniques for prompt engineering
  • Parameter tuning for AI models
  • Ethical considerations in AI language models

Throughout the course, students will have the opportunity to explore real-world examples of AI language models in action, and will gain hands-on experience working with these models through interactive exercises and assignments. By the end of the course, students will have a strong foundation in the basics of AI language models, as well as a deeper understanding of their potential applications and the challenges they present.

About Instructor

Christopher Brock

As a visionary at the intersection of technology and business, I've dedicated my career to harnessing the power of AI, including ChatGPT and OpenAI solutions, to unlock the full potential of businesses. With a rich background in Linux administration, web hosting, server deployments, and cutting-edge solutions like Kubernetes, my primary focus is on accelerating business software development efficiently and effectively. As the founder of Primary Hosting, a Cloud Brokerage Platform boasting over 400 partners in telecom, server, SAAS, and edge technologies, I empower people to leverage technology daily. Beyond running Primary Hosting, I've cultivated a vibrant community of 250,000+ members in our Facebook group "AI founded ChatGPT for Business and Life," and spearheaded initiatives like AI Online Classroom and AI Streaming Intelligence TV station. My work spans a decade of collaborating on teams that developed SAAS platforms, apps, APIs, ad management platforms, and software, all mission-critical and in daily use. Having worked with global brands and Fortune 500 companies, I offer reliable CTO services, often on a fractional basis, to non-profits, mid-market CEOs, and startups, guiding them through formation, advisement, and growth. My expertise lies in creating functional systems that resonate with people, specializing in strategic planning, digital marketing, business modeling, and more. I'm passionate about the startup ecosystem, digital innovation, and the philosophical underpinnings that drive technology forward. Favorite Business Books: "The Four Steps to the Epiphany," "ReWork," and "The Wharton School’s Book of Marketing Metrics." Favorite Philosophers: From Brentano to Chomsky, my interests span phenomenology, mathematics, and the sciences, reflecting my deep appreciation for the brilliant minds shaping our understanding of the world. Let's connect if you're keen on discussing tech, philosophy, or business strategies. Here's to making it a great one! #Linux #OpenAi #CloudBrokerage #DigitalInnovation #AIforBusiness

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